NRK Broadcasts

On this page follows a list of televised recordings with Elisabeth Klein from the Norwegian State Television, Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK). Until recently, a total of 7 programs were viewable on the NRK website. Now only one is available and can be accessed by clicking here below (updated on 8 October 2020):

George Crumb, Makrokosmos I for piano, 1972 with a brief introduction by EK. Duration 42 minutes. NRK 5 September 1982:

List of broadcasts from NRK which are no longer available.

George Crumb, Five Pieces for Piano, 1962, with a short introduction by EK. Duration: 13 minutes. NRK 13 April 1972:

Arne Nordheim, Listen, dedicated to EK, 1971. Duration: 11 minutes. NRK 10 October 1972:

Poul Ruders, Dante-Sonata, dedicated to EK, 1970. Duration 20 minutes. NRK 21 February 1974:

Folke Strømholm, Tre samiske joiker, Op. 26, with choreography and dance by Kjersti Engebretsen. Duration 7 minutes. NRK 13 February 1976:

Ruth Bakke, Mysterious Mountains, dedicated to EK, 1986. Interview with EK before the first performance of Ruth Bakke’s new piano work in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (later the same year). The programme includes a performance of the first part of the composition. Duration c. 8 minutes. NRK 26 March 1986:

Nattens Klanger (Music of the Night), a programme with and about Elisabeth Klein and Béla Bartók. The programme features a performance of the fourth movement, The Night’s Music, from the piano suite Szabadban (Out of Doors, 1926) within an interview, also including Klein’s performance of pieces from Bartók’s Microcosmos and excerpts of other Bartók piano works, e.g. his Suite Op. 14 and Improvisations Op. 20. Duration: 29 minutes. NRK 18 May 1988: