Elisabeth Klein wrote her recollections in the later years of her life. It is a short chronological description of the most important events in her life. She never intended to write an autobiography, however, these recollections were intended to form an introduction to a book that, unfortunately, never made it beyond the publisher’s office. With this book, she was eager to pass on her experience as an interpreter of contemporary music to the younger generation of pianists. She wrote about a number of contemporary piano works which she had performed herself during her career. She sent in the manuscript to a publisher, whom, unfortunately (but perhaps understandably so) argued, it would be too narrow a topic to be profitable. The manuscript, including the recollections, has for this reason never been published. The autobiographical chapters are now available below in English (translated by Andreas Leif Petersen) and in the original Danish version. From her birth in Trencin in 1911 to her last years in Liverpool, here is Elisabeth Klein’s story in her own words:

English version
Danish version