Discography for Elisabeth Klein (19112004):

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Francis Poulenc, Historien om Babar [The Story about Babar] for piano and recitation (text by Jean de Brunhoff), narrator: Ellen Malberg), NCB/FONA PW 113, without date [1964?].
Ib Nørholm, Strofer og marker (Stanzas and Fields), dedicated to EK, 1965/66] Op. 33, cycle 1 and 2. ASA Records (ASA L 101), 1966.

Per Nørgård Piano Works 5368 played by Elisabeth Klein: Sonata in One Movement Op. 6, 1953; 9 Studies Op. 25, 1959; Sketches, 1959; 4 Fragments, 1959–61; Grooving, dedicated to the composer, composed for EK, 1968. Wilhelm Hansen Edition LPWH 3013, 1969.
Modern Scandinavian Music played by Elisabeth Klein: Per Nørgård, Piano Sonata no. 2, 1957; Bo Nilsson, Quantitäten, 1958; Bo Nilsson, Rendezvous à deux mains, 1968; Arne Nordheim, Listen, dedicated to EK, 1971; Alfred Janson, November 1962, 1962; Antonio Bibalo, Toccata, 1958. Philips 6507.022, 1972.
Bjørn Fongaard, The Space Concerto for Piano and Tape, 1971. Soloist: Elisabeth Klein. Philips 6507.034, 1973. (The LP contains electronic music by Norwegian composers, including works also by Arne Nordheim and Sigurd Berge).
Poul Ruders, Dante-sonate (Dante Sonata), dedicated to EK, 1970, EMI/ODEON MOAK 30009, 1974. (The other side of the LP contains Karl Aage Rasmussen’s Genklang (Resonance) conducted by the composer).
Three Young Composers: Karl Aage Rasmussen, Aria grigia I, 1965; Nils Holger Petersen, Among Others, dedicated to EK, 1972/73; Nils Holger Petersen, Once for Now, 1973; Poul Ruders, Tre breve fra den ukendte soldat, (Three letters from the unknown soldier), 1967, EMI/ODEON MOAK 30010, 1975.
Elisabeth Klein plays Bibalo and Bartók: Antonio Bibalo: Sonata No. 2 La Notte, 1976, Antonio Bibalo, Trois Hommages à DE FALLA (Aubade), Schönberg (Notturno), Bartók (Bulgara), 1957; Béla Bartók, Improvisations sur des chansons Hongroises, Op. 20, 1920; Béla Bartók, Selected pieces from Fourteen Bagatelles, 1908. CBS 78631, 1977.
Contemporary Music from Norway: Finn Mortensen, Sonata Op. 7, 1955/56; Magne Hegdal, Selected pieces from Herbarium, dedicated to EK, 1974; Magne Hegdal, Toccata, 1975; Folke Strømholm, Tapestry Music, dedicated to EK, 1974. Philips 6507.058, 1977.
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Elisabeth Klein: Klavierstück XI (1956, 1. version), Klavierstück IX (195461), Klavierstück XI (2. Version), Klavierstück IIV, 195253, Klavierstück V and VIIVIII, 1954. POINT P5028, 1978.
Elisabeth Klein Plays Contemporary Danish Piano Music: Ib Nørholm, Signatures from a Province Op. 51, 1970; Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Pictures at an Exhibition, nos. IV, V., VI, and VII, 1968; Axel Borup-Jørgensen, Epigrams Op. 78, 1976; Nils Holger Petersen, Bufast, dedicated to EK, 1967. CBS 73780, 1978.
In Orbit. Elisabeth Klein Plays Folke Strømholm: Folke Strømholm, Cosmorates Op. 11, 1966; Three Sámi Joiks Op.26; Water Op. 27, dedicated to EK, 1973; Sonatina per pianoforte Op. 25, 1971; 12 Twelve-tone Inventions Op. 10, 1965; Mattinata No. 1 Op. 34, dedicated to EK, 1977. Philips 6529040, 1981.
Women in Music: Diana Pereira, Sonata no. 3 for Piano Solo, dedicated to EK, 1980; Kerstin Jeppsson, October 1974, a Monologue, 1974, Maj Sønstevold, 11 Polytonal Blues, 1978, Synne Skouen, Hail Domitila!, 1980, Diana Pereira, Sonata no. 2 for Piano Solo, 1979. Danica Records, DLP 8017, 1982.
New Nordic Piano Music Played by Elisabeth Klein: Nils Holger Petersen, Nocturne in Daylight, dedicated to EK, 1986; Per Christian Jacobsen, Interlude, dedicated to EK, 1975; Maj Sønstevold, Theme with Four Variations, 1963; Mikael Edlund, Orchids in the Embers, Tango for piano, 1984; Carin Malmlöff-Forssling, Viewpoints: East-West, 1979; Gudrun Lund, Match Op. 92, dedicated to EK, 1985; Kauko Kuosma, From Spicula for Piano, 1983–84; Folke Strømholm, Winternight Op. 33, no. 1, 1977; Nils Holger Petersen, A-Tonal Phantasy, 1985. Danacord Records DACO 237 1986.
Gunnar Berg, Frise (Frieze)1961 for piano and chamber orchestra. Soloist: Elisabeth Klein, The Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Tamás Vetö. POINT PLP 5078, 1988. (The other side of the LP contains Erik Jørgensen’s Confrontations for orchestra, cond. by Yuri Ahronovitch).

Elisabeth Klein’s and Tamás Vetö’s recording of Gunnar Berg’s Frise has been re-issued in a 2-CD album together with other works for piano and orchestra by Gunnar Berg (with Beatrice Berg and Aloys Kontarsky as soloists, and Miltiadis Caridis, Kari Tikka, and Ole Schmidt as conductors). Danacord 611-612 2003.
Mysterious Mountains: Elisabeth Klein plays contemporary Norwegian piano music: Ruth Bakke, Mysterious Mountains, dedicated to EK, 1986; Bjørn Fongaard, Peintures, dedicated to EK, 1970; Folke Strømholm, Mattinata No. 2, Op. 35, 1977; Åse Hedstrøm, Chain, 1983; Halvor Haug, Impression for Piano Solo, 1980; Yngve Slettholm, Magma, 1979; Finn Mortensen, Piano Piece Op. 28, 1966; Maj Sønstevold, Per aspera ad astra, dedicated to EK, 1983. Aurora Contemporary NCD 4923, 1989.
Nils Holger Petersen, A Plain Song, dedicated to EK, 1980. Classico CLASSCD 159, 1997, an album of various works by Nils Holger Petersen.
Arnold Schönberg, Anthon Webern, Alban Berg, Complete Piano Works, 2 CDs: Arnold Schönberg, 3 Klavierstücke Op 11; 6 kleine Klavierstücke Op. 19; Fünf Klavierstücke Op. 23; Suite Op. 25; Klavierstück Op. 33a; Klavierstück Op. 33b; Drei Klavierstücke, 1894; Sechs Stücke für Klavier zu vier Händen, 1896, with Tamás Fehér 2nd piano. Anton von Webern, Kinderstück, 1924; Variationen Op. 27, 1936; Klavierstück Op. posth., 1925; Satz für Klavier, 1906; Sonatensatz (Rondo), 1906. Alban Berg, Sonata Op. 1, 1908; 12 Variationen über ein eigenes Thema, 1907; Ten piano pieces published as Frühe Klaviermusik, without date. Classico CLASSCD 18081, 1997.
“Dance of the Bacchae”: Piano Music from the Nordic Countries: Kristin Holm, Dance of the Bacchae, dedicated to EK, 1995; Kerstin Jeppson, October 1974, a Monologue, 1974; Nils Holger Petersen, Fugue on a Theme by Giovanni Gabrieli for four-handed piano, 1996, with Ingrid Eriksen 2nd. piano; Nils Holger Petersen, Phantasy on a Fragment by Per Nørgård for tenor and bass recorder and piano, 1971/83, with Ane Eriksen, bass and tenor recorder; Christina Wagner Smitt, Ocean Depths, 1996; Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Rondo of a Sorts, 1984; Arvo Pärt, For Alena, 1976; Helvi Lemmiki Leiviskä, Canto intima, 1963; Maj Sønstevold, Six Bagatelles, dedicated to EK, 1992; Bo Nilsson, Arctic Romance, 1995; Folke Strømholm, When Friends Meet, 1960s. Classico CLASSCD 165, 1997.
Josef Matthias Hauer, Works for Piano: Nomos Op. 1, 1912; Nomos Op. 2, 1913; Nomos für Klavier zu zwei Händen Op. 19, 1919; Phantasie Op. 17; Tanz Op. 10; Nachklangstudien Op. 16; Atonale Stücke Op. 20, 1920; 4 pieces from Klavierstücke mit Überschriften nach Worten von Friedrich Hölderlin Op. 25; Etüde Op. 22, book 1, no. 1 (dedicated to Arnold Schönberg for his fiftieth birthday), 1924; Zwölftonspiel 4. September 1959 für Klavier zu zwei Händen, 1959. Classico CLASSCD 176, 1998.
Karlheinz Stockhausen Piano Music: Tierkreis, 197577; Klavierstück IX, 195461; Nils Holger Petersen, A One-Page Version of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Plus-Minus (1963) for solo-piano, 1998; Klavierstück V, 1954, Klavierstück XI (1. version), 1956; Aus den Sieben Tagen (1968, Text: Litanei). A Collage Version Composed of Fragments from Piano Compositions by Stockhausen, put together by Elisabeth Klein (for this recording); Klavierstück XI (2. version). Classico CLASSCD 269, 1999.
Music of the Night: Béla Bartók, The Night’s Music, no. 4 from Szabadban (Out Doors), 1926; Wen-Choung Chou, The Willows Are New, 1957; Nils Holger Petersen, Question Marks, 1997; John Cage, In a Landscape, 1948; Per Nørgård, Grooving, dedicated to the composer, composed for EK, 1968; Alexander Goehr, Nonomiya Op. 27, 1969; Arne Nordheim, Listen, dedicated to EK, 1971; Arvo Pärt, Variationen zur Gesundigung von Arinuschka, 1980; Josef Matthias Hauer, Zwölftonspiel 2. Juni 1955; Nils Holger Petersen, Für Åse, 1982; Arne Mellnäs, Schizofoni, 1971; Folke Strømholm, Mattinata No. 1 Op. 34, dedicated to EK; 1974. Classico CLASSCD 270, 1999
The Modern Italian Piano. Italian Piano Music, 19391990: Giacinto Scelsi, Sonata no. 3, c. 1939; Luciano Berio, Wasserklavier (Water Piano), from 6 Encores, 1965; Luigi Dallapiccola, Quaderno musicale di Annalibera (Annalibera’s Music Book), 1952; Luciano Berio, Cinque variazioni, 195253; Luciano Berio, Brin, from 6 Encores, 1990; Luciano Berio, Rounds, 1967; Sylvano Busotti, Musica per amici, frammenti al pianoforte, per danza di carattere (Music for Friends, fragments for piano, for a character dance), 1957; Luciano Berio, Leaf, from 6 Encores, 1990; Franco Evangelisti, Proiezioni sonore (strutture per piano solo), 195556. Classico CLASSCD 259, 2000.
Piano Music from the Weimar Republic, 2 CDs: Hanns Eisler, Sonata Op. 1, 1923; Paul Hindemith, 1922 Suite für Klavier; Ernst Krenek, Sonata Op. 2 no. 1, 1919; Egon Wellesz, 2 pieces from Tanzstücke, 1927; Hanns Eisler, Klavierstücke Op. 3, 1923; Issay A. Dobrowen, Jugend-Sonate Op. 5, 1922–24; Nikos Skalkottas, 15 kleine Variationen, 1927; Béla Bartók, 2 pieces, Bulgarian Rhythm and Bagpipe from vol 4 and 5 of his Microcosmos, composed in the 1930s; Paul Dessau, Zehn Kinderstücke für Klavier, c. 1932; Nikolaj Karlovits Medtner, Three Fairy Tales Op. 42, 1922. Classico CLASSCD 460-61, 2000 

Dansk Musik Antologi. Klavermusik (Danish Music Anthology. Piano Music): Bent Lorentzen, Colori, 1978; Gunnar Berg, Variations sur une daina Lithuanienne, 1946; Gunnar Berg, Gaffky’s, assortiment 1, 195759; Nils Holger Petersen, Ouverture, 1976; Jan Maegaard, Cinque pezzi per pianoforte, 1959. Philips DMAMC 050, 1981.
Elisabeth Klein spiller “Nye klanger for unge pianister” (Elisabeth Klein plays “New Sounds for Young Pianists”): Bent Lorentzen, 1981 Ruth Bakke, 9 pieces from 25 Short Piano Pieces for Children, 1984; Harry Wessmann, 4 pieces from 25 Short Pieces for Piano, 1984; Nils Holger Petersen, Lydian Piano Pieces (with cluster), 1988; Snorri Sigfus Birgisson, 8 pieces from Piano Pieces for Beginners, 1984; Sven Erik Werner, 4 pieces from From My Springtime on Funen, 1978; Tage Nielsen, Sun, Moon, and Stars, 1971; Per Nørgård, “The Dunes” and “Homecoming” from Babette’s Feast, 1987; Nils Holger Petersen, 6 Small Piano Pieces, 1987; Karl-Birger Blomdahl, “Moderato”, 1945; Bengt Hambræus, Klockspel, 1968; Arne Mellnäs, For You and Me, 1971; Egil Hovland, Raindrop Etude (on keys and strings), 1971; Magnus Lindberg, Three Small Piano Pieces, 1978; Herman Rechberger, Do(do)tila,1978; Folke Rabe, With Love I, 1985; Lars Johan Werle, Attitudes, 1965. Holm Cassette 1988.